Kadiyan Software Consulting, LLC

About Kadiyan Software Consulting

We are a San Diego-based Software Consulting firm that provides support developing software to small businesses. From planning, designing and modelling to developing, testing and maintaining. You get full support for your existing or future software projects and products. Our mission is to deliver high quality reliable software that meets today's fast paced business world and customer needs. We are specialized in storing, analyzing and visualizing big data and creating a unique user experience for your customers. Our vision is to use state-of-the art technology and software engineering methods to deliver customized solutions meeting your needs and boosting your revenue. This is your opportunity to get the help you need in your software implementation. Don't hesitate and contact us today!

Who we are

Armin Kadiyan


Armin started at a young age to develop an interest in programming computers. First learning by doing, later with books from the local library he taught himself the art of developing software. He soon became a passionate programmer and was eager to learn more.

In high school he took extra courses in programming and made his career goal to become a successful software engineer. He received his B.Sc. in Computer Science in 2009 and his M.Sc. in Computer Science with an emphasis on Software Engineering in 2011 from Berlin Institute of Technology in Germany.

He gained more experience working as Programmer Intern at SAP AG and Software Research Assistant at Fraunhofer Institute during his studies. His next step was to gain international work experience as Software Engineering intern at PicsArt in Armenia and as Software Engineering Trainee at Apmetrix Inc. in the United States. Loving the city, life and career opportunities in San Diego, he decided to form his own company, Kadiyan Software Consulting, in summer 2014.